cthulhu plush Stamina will help you eat AoE's from bosses Magician, Wizard, Necromancer While, intelligence is typically recommend here. if you plan to raid and play end game content an argument can also be made to try to get your stamina close to equaling your intelligence because intelligence is easily maxed in Velious. Stamina will help you eat AoE's from bosses Warrior, SK, Paladin Stamina is key, though warriors with high base stamina (e. Dexterity is especially important for warriors since weapon procs are one of the major ways they build aggro on a monster. If you plan to raid end game mobs, it is best to balance large rc helicopters strength, stamina, agility, and dexterity because stats can be maxed easily in velious.

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They also have excellent slows they can use in later levels to significantly reduce the DPS done by the enemy. Bards can fulfill much the same role as an Enchanter, as well as potentially being a good puller and tank, so they are certainly very useful for groups. I want to be able to go AFK in my groups sometimes Wizard Druid Magician Necro Bard These classes often have less of an active role in group play, especially Wizards, who will often find themselves meditating for several minutes to regain mana for more nukes. I don't want to have to worry about losing exp when I die Cleric Clerics can resurrect, regaining (with the highest level spell) 96% of lost EXP upon death. However, most high level groups have a cleric or striker spy drone at least have some other cleric present in the zone who can take care of resurrection if you die, so rolling a cleric for this reason is not necessarily the best idea.

As a result, Warriors are rather gear dependent and are generally not as useful in experience groups (as opposed to raid groups) as knights (i. However, Warriors are much more useful in raids due to their Disciplines, which they acquire at high levels. WARNING: T Shirt SCAM Alert There is a scam on Facebook dealing with T shirts, using our name, and asking for a credit card. Paladin The Paladin is a hybrid between a Warrior and a Cleric who uses Flash of Light (a blinding spell) and various stun spells to maintain excellent aggro on the enemy. He also has access to weak healing spells, lulls (useful for pulling), and roots (useful for crowd control). fast rc trucks

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Read the Report Cloud Security Threat Report (CSTR) Adapting to the new reality of evolving cloud threats. They get their heal spells faster than any other class gets the same spells, and they cast them more efficiently (other classes only syma drone heal 90% as much with the same spells). Other WAN optimization vendors can't compete with our patented technologies that deliver unique optimization features for your cloud, internet and WAN environments. Read the White Paper PacketShaper Leveraging the power of the Global Intelligence Network, the PacketShaper shapes network traffic to protect critical application performance, improve user experience and align resources with business priorities. Druid An easy class to start off with, the Druid has many useful abilities for soloing and grouping: heals, damage shield, regeneration, some buffs, animal charming, nukes, DoTs, roots, and snares.